Monday, August 6, 2007

Welcome to Everything Disney's Aly & AJ Blog!!!

Welcome to Everything Disney's Aly & AJ Blog! I'm Luke Manning, from! Let me give you a brief background on me:

I was first interested in Aly & AJ in early Summer 2005. I was watching Disney Channel like crazy, & my favorite show was Phil of Future (starring Alyson Michalka of Aly & AJ). I heard their songs "Do You Believe in Magic" & "No One" many times on Disney Channel. I then heard their album Into the Rush was coming out, & they were performing a free mini-concert & CD signing! So I went their, & got to see Aly & AJ!!!!

Into 2006, I saw Cow Belles... And after that, I sort of got off Aly & AJ. But in late July 2007, I got back into them, discovering they released 2 new albums- Insomniatic & Acoustic Hearts of Winter. Plus they also put out a new movie for MTV- My Super Sweet 16: The Movie.

I'm now a member of the official Aly & AJ boards, I've got Isomniatic, & am going to get Acoustic Hearts of Winter & My Super Sweet 16: The Movie very soon!!!!

The first proper post of the Aly & AJ Blog will come to you tomorrow!!!

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